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A Loch Ness Monster sketch for the Sketch Dailies on Twitter! Just did some digital noodling over a page from my sketchbook.
BTW, I have an official twitter account now! I’ll be posting sketches and various official stuff on it! So follow me and join the fun :D
Gengars rule :D
who the heck knows?
feelin’ crumby, anyway here’s a doodle :|
Cutie Priestess ( ^ U^)
Yoshi Doodle :D
Nappin’ on Mushroom Hill

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of my followers! You guys seriously rock.

I got featured on the Tumblr radar recently this year and that brought a lot of attention to this blog (I got over 500 new followers overnight). That was seriously a blessing and a gift. I appreciate everyone who follows, likes, and or reblogs my art, pixel or otherwise. It’s a bit intimidating to post new art ever since I got this recent attention but I will keep the content coming as long as you wonderful people out there enjoy it :D

Have a great day and a great new year!


Curious lil’ Kirby